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This site is about adult recreational volleyball opportunities in the Ithaca, NY, area. It does not cover school-team volleyball at either Ithaca College or Cornell University, nor at any local high schools.

Stewart Park Volleyball Club

As of March 14, 2024, Yangmi Kang will serve as the league manager. The 2024 season will happen.

Every summer, for about 18 weeks, a large, co-ed league comes together on Wednesday evenings to play grass volleyball at Stewart Park, at the southern end of Cayuga Lake.

Open pick-up playing

During the school year, groups can be found playing pick-up games at various high schools or other venues in the Ithaca area. Listed below are the ones known to the site maintainer.


Information provided Aug. 1 by Tom Myers.

Recreational adult volleyball: Tuesdays from Sept. 12, 7:30-9:30pm at the middle school gym.

Competitive adult volleyball: Thursdays from Sept. 14, 7:30-9:30pm at the middle school gym.

To register for either these programs, go to https://ulysses.recdesk.com/Community/Program

Cornell campus at Helen Newman Hall (North Campus)
Wednesdays from noon - 1pm, recreational. Parking can be challenging. No fees. Must be affiliated with Cornell as student, staff, or faculty. Contact Ken Pendell (kjp3@cornell.edu) for any further details. Last updated Aug. 21.
The group playing at Lansing is at capacity for the single court there and cannot accept new participants until further notice.
Details for '23-'24 are not yet available.
Formerly on Sunday evenings, has not resumed since Covid.
None known.

If you know of other open venues, please send them to the email address below.

Advice for those new to the Ithaca area

Welcome! Although we do not have a dedicated volleyball center near us, we do have various friendly groups that play at different high schools on a weekly basis during the regular school year.

If you play recreationally, bring your shoes and join a game. Most or all will have a fee to cover insurance for the entire playing season. Some may have a per-diem fee instead or allow free playing for an evening so that you can check out the level of play.

For those who prefer a more competitive atmosphere for their games, you are advised to get to know local players via the open, pick-up venues and ask other players of similar ability about league or tournamewnt teams that might be seeking players, either regular or alternate.

Also check back here occasionally for updates or additions for opportunities to play locally.

Last updated March 21, 8:13 am.

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