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This site is about adult recreational volleyball in the Ithaca, NY, area. It does not cover volleyball at either Ithaca College or Cornell University, nor at any local schools.

Stewart Park Volleyball Club - 2023 Season

Jack Decker supplies all related information unless otherwise indicated. If you are a volleyball player interested in playing on a team, either regularly or as a substitute, please contact Jack and let him know your skill level and experience for best matching.

Rules of Play (some updates for 2023)

Team Contacts (updated for 2023; 3 new teams)

Weekly Standings (updated 5/28 10:26 am)

Map of Nets / Courts (not yet updated for 2023)

2023 Schedule by date:

The schedule for the second half of the season hasn't been created yet: it will depend on whether teams change divisions after the first half.

2023 Schedule by team:

History / Team Names

Regarding Weather:

From Jack: when the league was formed, captains voted not to stop playing in the event of light rain, or wet fields, and only to call it off in the event of lightning. We also do not play in heavy downpour or when the fields are so soaked that we would do damage to the fields. Judging when to play and when not to is difficult. Fortunately the league has volunteers who serve on a "weather committee" to make those decisions as best as possible. We don't always get it right to everyone's satisfaction. Anyone interested can join that committee.

Ultimately, every player is responsible for their own pleasure and safety, no one "has to" play. There are no prizes to win, the league simply provides an organized place where people can play volleyball with like minded people. The league has a 2 no show forfeit allowance before a team is ejected from the league. Teams that choose not to play due to adverse weather conditions are not charged with a no show forfeit.

people playing volleyball

Photo provided by Rachel Lowe

people playing volleyball

Photo provided by Tom Myers

people playing volleyball

Photo provided by Tom Myers

people playing volleyball

Photo by Ken Stuart

people playing volleyball

Photo by Tom Myers

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