Standings for the Stewart Park Volleyball Club

Team NamePlaceWins7/57/127/197/268/28/98/168/238/30
We Always Get It Up team has a netA155867666664
Cured Ham team has a netA251687556635
Six Dirty Pupepetsteam has a netA352839666653
Each HitA421702113511
The Kampfer Companyteam has a netA532309552323
Kick Grass & Take Gamesteam has a netA635547242065
Boondock SaintsA711033110012
Angry Irishmenteam has a netA823035450114
Dinking Problem team has a netB120900010343
T-burg team has a netB238954213464
Kiss My Aceteam has a netB313701003020
Serves You Rightteam has a netB445898104654
Bump Set GorgeB529612333614
The Strangers team has a netB631643125244
Netting CrashersC126234364013
Garrett's Brewing Coteam has a netC249696662464
Hogs HoleC334144645433
Bumpin' Oranges team has a netC438506554634
Optivision team has a netC532137554223
Masters of MayhemC629127314434
Acornsteam has a netC717053114102
Notorious DIGD138836444162
Block PartyD238760516553
Net AssetsD317351001331
That's What She SetD412206102100
Swamp DonkeysD535946302245
Ric Flair Dripteam has a netD729306150356
How I Set Your MotherD810340200010

team has a net Team has a net, check map for location.

Updated weekly during the season.

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