Team Matches for Acorns

Team captain: Courtney Austin,, 607-745-1633

5-3-23earlyawayNet Assets
5-3-23latehomeNotorious DIG
5-10-23earlyhomeRic Flair Tip3-0
5-10-23lateawayThat's What She Set0-3
5-17-23earlyhomeBlock Party2-1
5-17-23lateawayHow I Set Your Mother1-2
5-24-23earlyawaySwamp Donkeys1-2
5-24-23latehomeHow I Set Your Mother3-0
5-31-23lateawayKiss My Ace2-1
6-7-23earlyhomeNetting Crashers
6-14-23earlyhomeHogs Hole
6-14-23secondawayBumpin' Oranges
6-14-23thirdhomeNet Assets
6-21-23earlyhomeRic Flair Tip
6-21-23secondawayGarrett's Brewing Co
6-21-23thirdhomeNotorious DIG
6-28-23earlyawayThat's What She Set
6-28-23secondhomeSwamp Donkeys
6-28-23thirdhomeBlock Party

The schedule for the second half of the season hasn't been created yet: it will depend on whether teams change divisions after the first half.

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