Team Matches for Dinking Problem

Team captain: Kelly Sullivan,, phone n/a

5-3-23earlyawayBump Set Gorge
"latehomeAngry Irishmen team has a net
5-10-23earlyhomeThe Strangers team has a net3-0
"lateawayHogs Hole0-3
5-17-23earlyhomeGarrett's Brewing Coteam has a net2-1
"lateawayMasters of Mayhem0-3
5-24-23earlyawaySix Dirty Puppets team has a net3-0
"latehomeCured Ham team has a net0-3
5-31-23earlyawayWe Always Get It Up team has a net3-0
"latehomePandemonium team has a net3-0
6-7-23earlyhomeKick Grass & Take Gamesteam has a net
"lateawayServes You Right team has a net
6-14-23earlyawayEach Hit
"secondhomeThe Kampfer Company team has a net
"thirdhomeBoondock Saints
6-21-23earlyhomeT-burg team has a net1-2
"secondawayKiss My Ace team has a net0-3
"thirdhomeBumpin' Oranges team has a net3-1
6-28-23earlyhomeOptivision team has a net3-0
"secondawayUnderhanders team has a net0-3
"thirdhomeNetting Crashers3-0
7-5-23earlyhomeOptivisionteam has a net3-0
"secondawayMasters of Mayhem0-3
"thirdhomeAcornsteam has a net3-0
7-12-23earlyhomeThe Strangersteam has a net0-3
"secondawayHogs Hole3-0
"thirdhomeBumpin' Orangesteam has a net
7-19-23earlyawayKick Grass & Take Gamesteam has a net3-0
"secondhomeSix Dirty Puppetsteam has a net0-3
"thirdhomeBump Set Gorge0-0
7-26-23earlyhomeAngry Irishmenteam has a net0-3
"lateawayBoondock Saints
8-2-23earlyawayCured Hamteam has a net3-0
"latehomeThe Kampfer Companyteam has a net1-2
8-9-23earlyawayWe Always Get It Upteam has a net3-0
"latehomeEach Hit
8-16-23earlyhomeGarrett's Brewing Coteam has a net2-1
"lateawayPandemoniumteam has a net2-1
8-23-23earlyhomeServes You Rightteam has a net1-2
"lateawayNetting Crashers0-3
8-30-23earlyawayT-Burgteam has a net3-0
"latehomeKiss My Aceteam has a net3-0

team has a net Team has a net, check map for location.

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