Team Matches for Garrett's Brewing Co

Team captain: Tom Myers,, 607-279-3582

5-3-23earlyhomeThe Strangers team has a net
"lateawaySwamp Donkeys
5-10-23earlyawayBumpin' Oranges team has a net1-2
"latehomeUnderhanders team has a net3-0
5-17-23earlyawayDinking Problem team has a net2-1
"latehomeNetting Crashers1-2
5-24-23earlyawayOptivision team has a net2-1
"latehomeT-burg team has a net1-2
5-31-23earlyawayNet Assets1-2
"latehomeHow I Set Your Mother3-0
6-7-23earlyhomeMasters of Mayhem
"lateawayBump Set Gorge
6-14-23earlyawayKiss My Ace team has a net
"secondhomeBlock Party
"thirdhomeNotorious DIG
6-21-23earlyawayAngry Irishmen team has a net3-0
"secondhomeAcorns team has a net0-3
"thirdhomeRic Flair Tip team has a net2-1
6-28-23earlyhomeHogs Hole0-3
"secondawayBoondock Saints3-0
"thirdhomeThat's What She Set3-0
7-5-23earlyhomeNetting Crashers2-1
"secondawayBump Set Gorge2-1
"thirdhomeUnderhandersteam has a net3-0
7-12-23earlyawayKiss My Aceteam has a net0-3
"secondhomeNotorious DIG3-0
"thirdhomeThat's What She Set3-0
7-19-23earlyawayHogs Hole2-1
"secondhomeRic Flair Dripteam has a net2-1
"thirdhomeNet Assets3-0
7-26-23earlyhomePandemoniumteam has a net3-0
"lateawayT-burgteam has a net0-3
8-2-23earlyawayBlock Party0-3
"latehomeSwamp Donkeys3-0
8-9-23earlyawayOptivisionteam has a net0-3
"latehomeThe Strangersteam has a net2-1
8-16-23earlyawayDinking Problemteam has a net2-1
"latehomeAcornsteam has a net3-0
8-23-23earlyawayBumpin' Orangesteam has a net0-3
"latehomeMasters of Mayhem3-0
8-30-23earlyhomeServes You Rightteam has a net1-2
"lateawayHow I Set Your Mother0-3

team has a net Team has a net, check map for location.

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