Team Matches for Pine Tree Farms

Team captain: Craig Lapoint,, 607-279-3851

5-3-23earlyawayCured Ham
5-3-23latehomeSix Dirty Puppets
5-10-23earlyawayWe Always Get It Up3-0
5-10-23latehomeEach Hit1-2
5-17-23earlyhomeServes You Right3-0
5-17-23lateawayKick Grass&Take Games1-2
5-24-23earlyhomeBump Set Gorge2-1
5-31-23earlyhomeAngry Irishmen2-1
5-31-23lateawayThe Strangers0-3
6-7-23earlyhomeBoondock Saints
6-14-23earlyhomeMasters of Mayhem
6-14-23secondawayDinking Problem
6-14-23thirdhomeCured Ham
6-21-23earlyawaySix Dirty Puppets
6-21-23secondhomeWe Always Get It Up
6-21-23thirdhomeEach Hit
6-28-23earlyhomeServes You Right
6-28-23secondawayKick Grass&Take Games

The schedule for the second half of the season hasn't been created yet: it will depend on whether teams change divisions after the first half.

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