Weekly Matches for 8-16-23

Home Team chooses net, ball, and side. Volley for first serve.

See the team contacts page if you need to get in touch with a team captain.

Early Matches

Game scores capped at 25/25/15.

We Always Get It Upteam has a netvs.Kick Grass & Take Gamesteam has a net3-0
Cured Hamteam has a netvs.The Kampfer Companyteam has a net3-0
Six Dirty Puppetsteam has a netvs.Boondock Saints3-0
Each Hitvs.Angry Irishmenteam has a net2-1
Dinking Problemteam has a netvs.Garrett's Brewing Coteam has a net2-1
The Strangersteam has a netvs.T-Burgteam has a net2-1
Serves You Rightteam has a netvs.Kiss My Aceteam has a net3-0
Bump Set Gorgevs.Netting Crashers3-0
Masters of Mayhemvs.Pandemoniumteam has a net1-2
Acornsteam has a netvs.Hogs Hole1-2
Bumpin' Orangesteam has a netvs.Swamp Donkeys3-0
Underhandersteam has a netvs.Optivisionteam has a net1-2
Notorious DIGvs.Ric Flair Dripteam has a net0-3
Block Partyvs.How I Set Your Mother3-0
Net Assetsvs.That's What She Set3-0

Late Matches

Game scores capped at 25/25/15.

Boondock Saintsvs.We Always Get It Upteam has a net0-3
Kick Grass & Take Gamesteam has a netvs.Cured Hamteam has a net0-3
Angry Irishmenteam has a netvs.Six Dirty Puppetsteam has a net0-3
The Kampfer Companyteam has a netvs.Each Hit3-0
Pandemoniumteam has a netvs.Dinking Problemteam has a net2-1
T-Burgteam has a netvs.Masters of Mayhem3-0
Kiss My Aceteam has a netvs.The Strangersteam has a net
Netting Crashersvs.Serves You Rightteam has a net0-3
Optivisionteam has a netvs.Bump Set Gorge0-3
Garrett's Brewing Coteam has a netvs.Acornsteam has a net3-0
Hogs Holevs.Net Assets3-0
How I Set Your Mothervs.Bumpin' Orangesteam has a net0-3
Swamp Donkeysvs.Notorious DIG2-1
That's What She Setvs.Block Party1-2
Ric Flair Dripteam has a netvs.Underhandersteam has a net

team has a net Team has a net, check map for location.

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